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Take a slice of Pi

"Ooh, sugar pie, honey bunchYou know that I love youI can't help myselfI love you and nobody else" - The Four TopsDon't tell me you didn't sing this. Right? When was the last time you even had pie?-

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NextHome Rustic Realty's Scholarship Program is Here

It's TIME!For all of the young adults seeking to apply for our scholarship program, the time has finally come.Here is the link for the application.!AtEMXmMsjKCD6w-VQy-Q7F5-JFmi?e

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Scholarship Program - Stay Tuned!

Can you believe that school, in Cheyenne, will be out in 17 weeks from today?!?! The track and field hoorah's. The spirit days. The last minute "get your grades up" conversations. Let's not forget

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I'm just gonna do it! Buy or Sell a home, that is.

Look, new year resolutions aren't always easy to keep, maintain, start or even make. What will I resolve this year? Where am I REALLY going? What do I really want in my life?Let's keep it black and

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