Spring cleaning is for real!

The decluttering gospel is everywhere!  Spring is about to. . . spring.

Most folks find the decluttering craze annoying, but real estate agents know the value of reducing clutter, especially when selling a house. "A lot of home buyers simply can't see through a cluttered home", says Nancy Newquist-Nolan, SRES, with Coldwell banker in Santa Barbara, California.  The goal is to allow the buyer to see THEMSELVES and their things in the home.

As the spring selling season begins, let us explain a few ideas on decluttering.  

Getting a home decluttered to sell

-Less clutter will help fetch larger offers

-Label stuff!  #1 = things that go to your new home, #2 = things you will sell, #3 = things you will donate, #4 = things you will throw away.  Then follow through with all of your numbered items accordingly.

-Rent a storage unit short term while your home is being listed

-Hire a stager!  Okay, re-read that.  Not a stranger, a stager.  Oh my grace!  These people are magicians when it comes to making your home look emaculate!  Reviews have shown that staged houses sell much quicker than those that are not staged.  They really work hard to help you get your home sold in a timely manner. 

-Yard shenanigans.  Old rakes that you MIGHT use?  Toss 'em.  Broken shovels that you MIGHT fix?  Toss 'em.  Set aside a small area in your house, garage or shed for yard tools.  Shears or cutters in the corner.  Shovels hung in same are on the wall or laid in a corner with a baby gate so they don't fall over.  Rakes hung in line.  Grass seed, fertilizer and garden bulbs/seeds keep in a tote or a box.  Buy a small tool box for garden tools like spades, cultivators, and gloves.

Declutter your life

-Junk mail can usually be deleted but how do you get them to STOP sending you junk mail?  Unsubscribe from unwanted retailer solicitations.  Scroll to the bottom of the email and there is usually a hyperlink that takes you directly to the "Unsubscribe" area of the website and BAM! Done.

-Recycle! The majority of your community is provided a recycling container by the city.  Place a cheap plastic trash can under the sink and anything that can be recycled (check the instructions on your recycle bin to be sure what is allowed), throw it in!  When it's full, dump the entire thing in your recycle container.

-"Ex Factor" philsophy for your closet.  Would you where it in front of your "Ex" and feel confident that you did?  No?  Then throw it out or donate it.

-Find short cuts or hacks that let you streamline tasks. Instead of shopping at the grocery store, consider ordering gorceries online and having them delivered to your front door.  Utilize grocery store apps that allow you to order online and then you can pick it up in a specialized parking lot.  Some grocers will even load it into your car!

Don't take decluttering TOO far.  It's possible ya know.  If you're trying to sell your house and you begin the declutter process, make sure it doesn't look like a museum.  People want to be able to see themselves living there.  Hence our suggestion.  Hire a stager Laughing  They add that human touch that makes you feel. . . well. . . at home.

Comment below for more suggestions about decluttering.  Have questions about staging?  We have one on hand!  Call our office for details.

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