PlanCheyenne: A People’s Plan for Smart Growth

In the early part of this century, Cheyenne’s forward-thinking leaders foresaw a fast-growing population. In order to ensure sustainable smart growth that would create a welcoming, vibrant city, in 2004 they began working with the EPA on a specific urban planning vision. Keeping the historic wild west past alive was important to the Cheyenne community, but they also wanted to expand opportunities and economic growth in the area. By 2006 the Cheyenne Area Master Plan had been approved, and in 2014 it was updated. The community-driven vision lays out these goals as listed in PlanCheyenne:

  • A solid economy built on family-wage jobs and a vibrant business community
  • Excellent early childcare and a kindergarten through a graduate education system that is attractive to new employers and families
  • Recognition, appreciation, and celebration of the diversity of people residing and working in the region
  • Growth that is guided to promote efficient use of public and private resources
  • A range of different housing and transportation choices; A network of neighborhoods with both common and different features, and a choice of services that address the needs of all residents
  • A community that provides opportunities for young families and encourages people to return and stay throughout their lives
  • Citizens who exhibit a can-do attitude, are proud of the image of their community and are active in assuring the well-being and safety of their neighbors
  • A vital downtown that includes unique businesses, a range of housing and attractive gathering places

Over the last decade, Cheyenne’s downtown has become a thriving, walkable center with diverse businesses, restaurants, and museums. While many new housing developments have catered to mid-to-upper-level incomes, the city has not neglected the housing needs of low-income, disabled, and senior community members. The latest expansions for Cheyenne are the Sweetgrass and Whitney Ranch developments, more than 2500 acres annexed by the city of Cheyenne in February 2018.

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