Military: Looking to Buy or Sell a Home?

Everyone can benefit from an experienced realtor when the time comes to buy or sell a home. However, a Cheyenne military-friendly realtor can make all the difference in the world for a veteran. That is because you will be using a VA mortgage, and VA mortgages come with a host of benefits; some of which you may not even be aware of.

You want your home-buying endeavor to be a smooth one, not something that feels full of twists and turns along the way. You might be inclined to think any realtor will do, but military friendly realtors near Cheyenne will help you better navigate the sometimes murky waters of military home buying and selling.

There are many reasons why using a real estate agent who is experienced in VA affairs, is the way to go. Here are a few of them:

  • Military realtors can empathize with you. A good agent will not only help you tackle the basic information such as square-footage or whether or not your garage is detached, but they also know about finding detail specific, military homes for sale. A military-friendly realtor will know how to secure housing grants if you are disabled, or look for a home with adaptive upgrades so you can live an independent life.

    Real estate agents who have also served in the military know all about what the experience is like and can serve you better when it comes to military homes for sale. Your agent will understand things such as PTSD, or the need for a home in a quiet setting, something many other agents just do not understand.
  • Military agents know all about quick relocations. If you are still active duty, relocating is something you know all about. That is why it is important for your real estate agent to know all about it too. Streamlining processes for clients is a must when dealing with people on active duty.

    Our Cheyenne military realtors give you the option of looking at homes via Skype if there is no time to do personal walk-throughs, which cannot always be done and just adds to the stress of moving. Your agent will be your eyes and ears, as they have been there themselves. Whether you are buying or selling a home, you want your agent to get the job done quickly, and not every realtor is familiar with the process of listing military homes for sale.
  • Military realtors know the right lenders for you. Many lenders say they have experience with VA loans, but unless they understand the documentation required or even the special circumstances involved, this can lead to you being turned down for a loan.

    Do not let this happen to you. If you’re looking for military houses for sale, you need lenders who understand fully the VA process and can get in there to make sure every stipulation of the loan has been met.
  • Military Property Requirements or MPRs are different with a VA loan. With most loans, buyers know they need to repair or replace certain things in their home to pass the appraisal. But to qualify for a VA loan, there are specific requirements (MPRs) that are designated by the VA.

    A Cheyenne military realtor knows just what to look for and can help you get the loan approval you need quickly.

When selecting an agent to work with for your VA loan process, always choose a Cheyenne military friendly realtor. Your home is your asset, and things will go more smoothly with the right people working by your side.

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