Healthy Lifestyle in Cheyenne

Holy WOW!  Summer is headed this way and you feel like you've got to get into shape! Like NOW! 

Okay, okay.  We're all on a tight schedule but we wanted to shed some light on how you can fit healthier choices into your daily living. Here are a list of a few places we like to eat at and some extracurricular activities that the locals do, in the Cheyenne area, to keep their fitness goals in check.

Places to eat (call ahead and ask for orders TO GO!):

Rib and Chop House: They offer a variety of premium steak options, a cedar plank salmon that is to die for as well as, in our opinion, the best SUPER cesear salad in town! Click the link and check out their full menu

Ruby Juice:  Looking for a quick way to get your veggie and fruit comsumption met for your body?  Ruby Juice has an extensive list of smoothies that consist of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits to choose from.  Try a wheat grass shot to boost your vitamin and mineral intake also!

The Office Bar and Grill:  This place has it all!  Keeping a healthy focus here, let's just take a minute to appreciate their cauliflower crust pizzas!  Holy WOW!  They also offer a variety of SUPER awesome salads AND gluten free items!  If you're feeling like a good golf game, burn some calories at the indoor golf SIM and test your skills.

Home:  Cook your own delectable meals!  What??? No, seriously.  Get out your Pinterest board for "Cooking" or "Healthy Eating" and make that list!  Visit your favorite grocery store and get to meal prepping.  It can take some time but generally, if you know what you're making a head of time, it's SO much easier.  If you have kids, involve them too!  Make a list, prep your food, and get to cooking.  Making a huge portion?  Freeze self serving portions in baggies for lunch or divide it into multiple containers and each day you'll have the right portion of each component for a well rounded, healthy meal.


Frontier Trampoline Park:  Bounce, jump and soar your calories away!  This trampoline park offers 2,500 square feet of family fun!  Ziplines, dodgeball court and battle beams are just to name a few ways you can get your family AND your friends to stay active and off of the phones, T.V's and computers.  Physical activity benenfits your heart, increases serotonin levels and helps keep bad weight gain at bay.

Parks and greenway:  Let's get OUTSIDE!  Like to ride bikes?  Maybe take your dogs out for a stroll and hit some workout stations along the way!  Head down to the city building to pick up a free pocket size map of our local greenway trails or you can use the interactive map by clicking this link here and following the instructions.  Our favorite pick for a park is Lions Park where you can count laps around the lake and stop at workout stations to test your body strength.

Gym time:  Cheyenne has a handful of gyms to choose from!  Some of these gyms offer FREE day passes, if you ask!  There is even one that is open 24 hours! Check out their websites or visit them in person to speak with their staff about how you can use the facility to better benefit a BETTER YOU! You can get cardio, weights and meet a few new friends to help you stay motivated and accountable.  Maybe check out the local dance studios and gymnastics options as well!

Don't forget the obvious choices.  Ya know, park furthest away to force yourself to walk the distance.  Hold doors open for others Wink  Carry a water bottle with a hook or a ring on it so it stays with you everywhere!  Fill it up in the bathrooms, at home or anywhere you feel the public water is safe.  Drink plenty of water.  Stand at your desk, if you can.  Remember proper office ergonomics!  Snacks!  Snack on nuts, fruit (blueberries, strawberries, rasberries), beef jerky, boiled eggs, raw veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, celery) and low sugar nut butters.  Do jumping jacks or crunches while you wait for the other phone line to pick up OR before you pour your 1st, 2nd, 3rd cup of coffee.

Rustic Wyoming Realty hopes this promotes some PMA (positive mental attitude) for the day!  This, in itself, is grounds for a better YOU.  A healthier YOU!

Do you work for a gym that can accomodate?  Do you participate in activities that others should know about to keep the healthy living mind set?  Comment below.  We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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