Back to School Guide for LCSD1 Parents- COVID Edition

In the midst of a global pandemic, many parents are left uncertain about their children’s education for the upcoming school year. Will schools reopen? What will the school district be doing to protect the health of students and educators? What is the district doing to ensure students continue to receive a quality education?

While this spring saw lengthy school shut-downs, the upcoming fall semester is expected to see the introduction of an all-online school that is available for students. The Cheyenne Virtual Academy (CVS) offers a free, full-time, k-12 online school for LCSD1 students to enroll in lieu of face-to-face school. This is an optional alternative for those who want to limit their children’s exposure as well as offer a consistent online learning plan. 

Though the district’s plans for CVS aim to make online learning simple and quality for the students of Laramie County, many parents may fear the difficulties associated with homeschooling their children. It can be understandably difficult to get your children to focus on schoolwork and to help with problems they may not understand themselves. Below is a list of free parent, student, and educator tested sites and tips to help Laramie county parents cope with the upcoming school year.

  • If you’re anything like us, helping our kids with any math problem is a struggle. Lucky for you, free sites like Mathway and WolframAlpha offer answers to those tricky math problems. The most helpful feature of these sites is the step-by-step guides offered to work through the difficult equations on your own. This way, you’re not just giving them the answer!
  • Need helpful study tools? Quizlet is a free online site that allows the student to create flashcards, games, and tests for all their studying needs. You will also have access to thousands of pre-made flashcard sets that may already fit your student’s needs.
  • Anyone with a Gmail account has access to Google Drive. This offers free online storage for your student’s documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and even custom websites. With this, you can organize your student’s virtual materials as well as allow them to work with other students and teachers with the sharing feature.
  • Need help proofreading essays? Grammarly is an app and browser plug-in that automatically check writing for misspelled words, misused words, and sentence structure. For additional prices, it also offers upgrades that check for advanced grammar as well as for plagiarism.
  • Consistency is key! When students transferred their learning environments from the schools to their homes this spring, many parents attested to how difficult it was to get their kids to sit down and do their work. One helpful tip is to create a schedule to bring back a feeling of structure, routine, and normalcy (whatever that is!). This site offers a sample schedule as well as other tips for you to check out and take what you like!

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