Take a slice of Pi

Dated: March 14 2023

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"Ooh, sugar pie, honey bunch
You know that I love you
I can't help myself
I love you and nobody else" - The Four Tops

Don't tell me you didn't sing this. Right? When was the last time you even had pie? A-la mode. Whipped cream. Straight. Creamy. Fruity.

Well, do yourself a favor and stop by a local bakery, grocery store and cafe and grab a slice because today is National Pi Day! 

Wait. . . you mean there's a day committed to just pie? No. Not really but there IS a day committed to pi. Let me explain. 

National Pi Day is the annual celebration of a never-ending number (and Albert Einstein’s birthday, in case you didn't already know)! NEVER. ENDING! 3.14159. . .to be semi exact. Belive that! It is celebrated every March 14th. This is why you need to visit your local bakery and grab a slice-a-roo.

Larry Shaw, as pictured below, was an American physicist, curator, artist and the founder of Pi Day. It basically started out as way to get all of the Exploratorium (where Larry worked) staff together and celebrate the life of Exlporatorium founder, Frank Oppenheimer. Little was Larry aware, that March 14th was also Albert Einstein's birthday! So this was added to their celebration. 

The party became an annual shindig, celebrated by the Exploratorium staff and eventually the public. In March of 2009 Pi Day became an official U.S. national holiday.

If you're in the Cheyenne area and not sure where to do your own Pi Day celebrating, check out these preeminent pie peeps. And pizza counts, y'all!

  • Bella Fuoco (pizza pie)
  • Bread Basket Bakery
  • L'Osteria Mondello
  • Shari's
  • Perkins

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Have your "Pi" and eat it too!

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